C. Michelle Alford

Cabell County

Mixed Media & Collage

No, I do not have an arts degree. I do have a Regents BA from Marshall University with an emphasis on Literature and Religious Studies.


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About C. Michelle Alford

Michelle’s Geekery LLC is my creative business, currently focused on my print on demand shops, but occasionally participating in live events where I showcase my wood burning and painting projects more. My artwork falls largely into the realm of pop art and what I like to call “geek chic”, with references to some of my favorite things such as tabletop RPG gaming, video gaming, literature, and general pop culture. I currently have a collection available through my print on demand and through my Etsy shop inspired by my daughter, collectively entitled Jessie’s friends. These designs feature a few of her favorite things… moth, mushrooms, and skulls… all done in a more cartoon or kawaii art style… or perhaps morbidly adorable would be more appropriate. I am still adding pieces to my LOVE collection which is a series of nearly 20 pieces so far set up as the text LOVE filled with pop culture references in wood burning combined with paints, stains and dyes, and acrylic paints on canvas. I’ve recently started learning how to use a laser to transfer some of my work to wood, leather, and acrylic surfaces which has provided me with a much more efficient method for producing some of my designs. I currently sell stickers, jewelry, wall art, and textile pieces through my print on demand shop, along with paintings, wood burnings, stickers, jewelry and prints through my in person events.


I primarily work with wood burning currently, but do a combination of digital art, acrylic painting, and textile artwork as well. I’m currently located in Huntington WV, and work in the Marshall University Libraries where I assist with our Spring Art Exhibition, organize our HerdCon pop culture convention annually, and help host our HerdCon PopCast (a podcast interviewing and promoting area pop culture and creatives such as artists, authors, game designs and more).

I have loved art since I was a small child and slowly began venturing into a creative business back in 2016, setting up my art business social media accounts, Michelle’s Geekery. I am primarily self taught as an artist. I have taken a few drawing classes and a ceramics class, all of which I loved and hope to continue at a later date. I have exhibited several times with the Marshall University Libraries Spring Art Exhibitions and attend local arts and crafts markets as my schedule permits. I draw my inspirations from my family, especially my daughter, whose love of cosplay has challenged my textile and design skills and given myself and my mother much enjoyment.

In the past year I’ve been working to push myself into creating a Print on Demand shop, focused largely on my digital design work so far and hope to use it to build some consistent and more passive income from my art.

I attend some local vending events as a way to get my name and work out to the public more, but am still in the process of putting myself out into the arts community overall. I thoroughly enjoy these live events as I enjoy the chance to really engage with those interested in my artwork.

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Other Creative Skills

Graphic Design

C. Michelle Alford's Work

Sharing some work on my current piece, the Sampler, where I’m demonstrating stipling as a way to create shading and texture in wood burning. #artlife #woodburning #michellesgeekery

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