Casey Murano

Summers County


B.A. Visual and Media Arts Practice (University of Richmond)


About Casey Murano

At its essence, I approach art-making as a practice of transformation. My process draws on the wisdom of contemplative traditions and themes of pilgrimage–broadly, a journey through a landscape of some kind that prompts spiritual growth. I create paintings, drawings, pulp paper surfaces, prints and writings that welcome water as a companion, teacher, language, sacrament, medium, agent of change. Even in the absence of water, I find myself longing to return to the flow, and this desire itself becomes material as well. My experiences of living in intentional community sustain this work of returning to water and invites creative unfolding to accompany those in the midst of displacement as we seek renewed equilibrium.


Casey Murano was born on Long Island, New York and grew up surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains in Roanoke, Virginia. As a student at the University of Richmond, she majored in Visual and Media Arts Practice. Her involvement with the Office of the Chaplaincy inspired a series of pilgrimages, including walking the Camino de Santiago, visiting sacred sites around Italy, and biking to nearby rivers (in particular, the Roanoke, James, and Mississippi). She documented all of these adventures with countless sketchbooks, and these reflections culminated in a senior exhibition titled Solidarity: Two Practices of Displacement. She continued her pilgrimage with the St. Joseph Worker Program in Minnesota. As an artist-in-residence at Sarah’s…an Oasis for Women, a healing home for trauma survivors, she has been exploring how, especially in the midst of various kinds of displacement, creative spiritual practices of pilgrimage deepen attentiveness to the present moment. She currently lives and works in West Virginia as a caretaker at Bethlehem Farm.

Some of the places she has exhibited art include the Riverviews Artspace in Lynchburg, Virginia, the University of Richmond in Virginia, and Roanoke Area Interfaith Stewards of the Earth (RAISE).

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Other Creative Skills

Visual Arts: Painting (Includes Watercolor)
Interdisciplinary (Pertaining to art forms/art works that integrate more than one arts discipline to form a single work. Include performance art.)

Casey Murano's Work

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