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I like to do artwork to empower people! I’ve done pieces on womens periods to help women feel less embarrassed about their period. I’ve painted alot of topless people of different races with no head on the piece just to show that we all have nipples and women should not be sexualized because their breast has more tissue. I want equality for all, I don’t want anyone to feel shame. I’ve done alot of pride pieces too just to support the lgbtq community. I’ve done a few naked pieces as well. I am inspired easily by everyone around me even something on the tv or a random person in a grocery store.


I am a painter and I write poetry, I’ve written poetry since I was in 6th grade and I’m 35 today. I’ve been painting since 2012. Growing up I drew a lot with pencil and sharpie, I was inspired to start painting by a friend who told me if I can draw, I can paint. I’m from Charleston West Virginia and I live in Nitro today. I do alot of mixed media art, mostly at home. I’ve done a lot of photography since 2012. It’s very therapeutic for me, the feeling afterwards is what motivates me, it’s just a good feeling creating something. Plus it’s a wonderful release, big mood booster. I’ve participated in a few art shows like Artmares the past several years, it’s been more than 5 years at least. I’ve participated in the Nekked art show at apartment earth in 2017 I believe. I’ve had art show at contemporary galleries. I’ve participated in Mike Winlands art show with Krampus. I’ve sold several pieces, even donated art before to go for a good cause. I also have a sign with my art on the east end.

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