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I enjoy working with natural materials. I enjoy the process of taking a piece of copper pipe and turning it into something completely unique and I enjoy the look on someone’s face when I tell them that the piece of jewelry they’re looking began as a 100 year old piece of copper pipe from an old schoolhouse boiler. I inherited my grandfather’s shop so most of the tools I use came from him or my dad and most are simple hand tools. I have found something I enjoy and have a knack for.

At this time I’m in the Artist At Work Gallery in Elkins, WV and working craft shows.


I am a self taught coppersmith/jeweler from Pineville, WV. A few years back my parents started making copper and antler jewelry when they retired as a pastime. They started doing a few craft shows and I went along to help them load in and out. At the time my Mom was making copper cuffs without using a torch to heat the metal. She was afraid of using a torch so I offered to help her and it took off from there.

I found I enjoyed working with copper and started making chased copper cuffs. My Mom bought a jeweler’s saw and after becoming frustrated laid it to the side, I picked it up and started cutting copper! I also found I enjoyed working with wood and created a wood bezel for our pieces.

So far I am completely self taught using a system of trial and error but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

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