Chip Turner

Lewis County



I am the owner of Appalachian Glass, a working glass studio and retail gallery located at 499 US Highway 33 East in Weston, West Virginia.  It is free and open to the public.  The studio currently produces high quality mouth-blown, hand-crafted glass which is sold in fine gift, craft and specialty shops.  Our glass crafting staff consists of Matt Turner, Chip Turner, Todd Turner (three generations keeping the tradition alive) and from time to time a visiting glass artist.

Appalachian Glass is also home to West Virginia’s Annual Glass Fest.  I have an obsession for teaching others to appreciate the rich glass heritage of the area.  Glass blowing demonstrations are available daily and group tours are welcome.  Call to schedule your tour, ask about wholesale opportunities or fundraising products for your nonprofit organization.


I happened by chance to find my life-long love for glass.  I was taking a woodworking class at the vocational building near Haleville School.  At the time (1982), Lewis County was still offering classes in glassblowing for high school students.  There was a great glassblower by the name of Jimmy Carlton who was teaching the class.  Jimmy showed me how to work glass and I found my calling.

After graduation from high school, I began working in the glass industry.  I gained much glass experience at local factories including: West Virginia Glass, Louis Glass, and Princess House Manufacturing.  I gained valuable experience in product development, engineering, maintenance, retail sales and wholesaling; and I use all of these in the management of my glass company, Appalachian Glass.

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