Christie Saunders

Cabell County


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About Christie Saunders

The beauty around me inspires me to paint. I am often thankful for simply things, like the gift of sight. I realize that everyone is not blessed with this gift, so I never want to take it for granted. It allows me to soak in that beauty that surrounds me. My style is realism. I love to paint landscapes and still life. I have a fascination with painting glass because it is challenging.


I am a painter. My favorite mediums are watercolors and acrylics. I am originally from Huntington, West Virginia, but now live in Barboursville. While I have always loved to paint, I am just now starting to sell my paintings. I haven’t devoted much time to my craft until the last few years. I am an attorney full-time, which leaves little time for growing a creative practice ; however, that is my long term goal. Painting is my way of unwinding at the end of a busy day or week. It allows me to escape and find my happy place.

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