Dan Lemaster

Berkeley County



In all of my endeavors, my artwork and creations stem from an early and ongoing appreciation for working with ones own hands and working with materials at hand. I am inspired by organic, aboriginal and traditional art and music from around the world, as well as traditional methods and tooling. The most so-called primitive cultures have knowledge, approaches and viewpoints which defy modern sensibilities. To me, art itself, to a large extent, defies most modern sensibilities. I love pastoral landscape scenes, beautiful flowing scroll work, Celtic knot work that is a rich playground for the eyes, and even the most simplistic Viking runes and hand wrought, hammer beaten metal. I love to create individual, unique items as well as to work within a particular genre and style, at times inventing my own.

I am a juried artist with the Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia retail facility in Beckley, WV.


I am an artisan, with a very eclectic and broad collection of interests, expressions, and creative endeavors. As an artist, I have never settled for one medium or mode of expression, but have been led on a path of lifelong learning in exploration of a great many. Currently, and for nearly 3 years, my deep passion and daily study is hand engraving, using time honored methods with only manual hand tools. Much of my tooling I have either made myself, modified and repurposed, or designed and had made to my own specifications. I often innovate. I really enjoy re-purposing and making by hand any custom tooling that I need to be able to create unique art, jewelry, and curio items. I am experienced in silversmithing, metalworking and machining, drawing, painting, and folk musical instrument making.

Other Creative Skills

Drawing, Graphic Design, Jewelry-making, Leather Crafting, Metalworking, Painting, Sculpting, Textile Design & Artistry, Woodworking

Dan Lemaster's Work

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