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My passion for art started as soon as I could hold a pencil, or a tube of my mother’s lipstick, OR a permanent marker that somehow wound up on freshly put up dry wall. Everything around inspires me, from the colors of the sky to the texture of dry leaves. In all of my creations I feel something magical in the process of translating what I find profound onto various mediums. This results in the business I have now, Devin Shane Creations.
Although I have brushes, I’d rather work with texture pushing tools or my fingers. I like to get messy, and you’ll often find me covered in oil pastels – which is my main medium for painting. When I’m not experimenting with textures and abstract ideas, I’m painting nature scenes, portraits, and things not entirely of this world.


I am a Trans Masc Pansexual artist based out of Oak Hill, West Virginia. I state my status as trans and pan for visibility and representation. I also think it reflects my innate desire to work without boundaries.
I’ve spent most of my life in West Virginia, growing up near Rainelle in a quiet hollow. Living as I did in a more country setting gave me plenty of material to fuel my imagination. I had whole scenes and stories in my head of what could be living in the woods behind my home. The field next to the expansive back yard would have seasonal brush pile fires and I would envision lovers dancing in the swirls of smoke. My time spent there was magical at times.
I’ve always been curious about shapes and color, the textures and patterns of things. Even music has a color and shape to me. I visualize things people say as soon as they’re spoken. Reading is like watching a movie in HD. It takes work and patience to translate what I see into a piece. I like to share my processes with others, and I like to hear about other’s experiences. It inspires me further.
Some would say my hobby is that I collect hobbies. I say it’s all a part of my artist soul’s evolution. Creation is my passion.

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Visual Arts: Painting (Includes Watercolor)

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