Elizabeth L. Braun

Hampshire County


B.A. Creative Writing (Eckerd College) Teaching Online Certification (Allegany College of MD)



I like to work in many different ways with glass. I am a commission artist creating one of a kind, out of the ordinary, architectural elements, like pizza oven facades or cast glass windows, but in my free time I like creating primarily lost wax sculptural pieces. Over the years, casting my hands has been a recurring theme. I started drawing, doing batiks, paintings, clay models of my hands when I was a little kid. I also started writing poetry when I was six, and majored in creative writing in college, and I often incorporate words in my glass art. I consider my sculptural pieces to be visual poetry. I am keenly interested in emotions, the energy we all share, the power of words and images. Now that I am working out in the country, out of my barn surrounded by mountains, my work is reflecting the beauty of nature around me, and I’ve started casting tree-like sculptures, and messages from the river.

My most recent awards include Best in Show Fall Fine Arts Show, Romney, WV 2016, 2nd place at the Fall Fine Arts Show, Romney WV 2015, Honorable Mention Creative Craft Council 30th Bi-annual Show 2015, National Capital Art Glass Guild Honor Roll, 2014.


I began training in stained glass at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, Aix en Provence, France in 1981. In 1986, I founded Elizabeth’s Glassworks LLC, a custom art glass studio, originally in Old Town Alexandria, VA, now in Slanesville, WV.

Though self-taught in the art of glass fusing, beveling, and sand blasting, I began studying lost wax, pate de verre, and other cast glass techniques in 1996 with many of the world’s leading glass artists.

I am an energetic instructor with an “anything is possible” approach. For over 30 years I have taught glass classes to students of all ages, conducting workshops and classes at Rockville Arts Place (now known as VisArts), adjunct faculty for the Corcoran School of Art, Maryland College of Art and Design, Glen Echo Park, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Touchstone Center for Crafts in PA, public, and private schools and educational institutions, and regional artists collectives.

I was president of The National Capital Art Glass Guild for three years, and remain an active member of that organization. I am also a member of the Glass Art Society, the American Arts and Crafts Council, Allegheny Arts Council, and am on the board of directors for Hampshire County Arts Council, and The River House, in Capon Bridge, WV. I am also a member of The Hampshire County Heritage Market and Co-Op in Romney, W.V., and proud to be represented by Tamarack!

I have also studied with the following: Kiln Casting, Portland Oregon, Richard Whitely, Kiln Casting, Linda Ethier, Pate-de Verre, Anna Boothe, Lost wax kiln casting, Brent Kee Young, Lost wax kiln casting, Doug Anderson, Lost wax kiln casting, Anna Boothe, Master Mold making, Peter Mostriani, Master Fusing with Dan Fenton, Frit Casting, Kathleen Purvine Sheard, Paperweights, Nancy Weisser, Flame working, Emilio Santini, Flame working, James Minson, Painting on glass, Peter McGrain, Silkscreeneing on glass, Tony Glander, Glass Art Society, Seattle, WA 2003, GAS, New Orleans, 2004, GAS Adelaide, Australia, 2005, BECON, Portland Oregon 2006, Gas, Portland Oregon, 2008, Gas, Corning, NY, 2009

Other Creative Skills

Ceramics and Pottery, Drawing, Glassworking & Forming, Graphic Design, Installation Art Design & Production, Jewelry-making, Metalworking, Public Art Design & Production, Sculpting

Elizabeth L. Braun's Work

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