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My challenge in creating a new piece of art, whether it be oil on canvas, acrylic on slate, chainsaw carving or pen & ink drawing, is to preserve a memory or tradition. I aspire to make the “viewer” part of the story that they are seeing. I want the viewer to not only see but feel the color and balance before them and whether it be awe, joy, peace or other emotion. I use natural or historical settings to promote thought and awareness for the necessity of environmental and architectural preservation. I am currently working on my next project. I plan to launch a on-line gallery website in 2023. In addition I am working on a multi-media project that will coordinate oil on canvas, digital art and a novella I have written to be released in serial form. I am at a point in my life with time and opportunity to expand and concentrate on the creative aspects of me.


I am a lifelong resident of the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia and a multi-media artist. You have probably never met me however if you have traveled throughout towns and villages of West Virginia you have more than likely seen some of my artwork. For example, in Helvetia, on WV-20S there sits a 10’ Bear with an American Eagle that I carved over a six month period several years ago. Outside Follansbee, in the Northern Panhandle off West Virginia on Eldersville Road sits a local tavern, Mustang Sally’s. On the side of the building a large mural is painted depicting a herd of Mustang horses galloping on the open range. This mural was used as a seek and find point on a local scavenger hunt application several years ago. Not far from the mural on Archer Hill is a 5’ bear sculpture. From this point travel north to Weirton on King’s Creek Road and you will see another bear I have sculpted. One of my largest sculpting pieces is a 12’ totem pole I carved in the Toronto Ohio area. Over the years I have painted numerous oil on canvas, acrylic on slate and pen & ink drawings depicting ordinary people “living life” in day to day circumstances with strong emphasis on the natural beauty of the subjects surroundings .I am a father, husband, retired steel worker, friend, visual artist, musician, songwriter and storyteller. I am a member of the West Virginia Arts Council in Weirton, West Virginia.

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