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Some college, Graphic Design (Art Institute of Pittsburgh)


About Haley M. Fairchild

Art by Haley M. Fairchild was given its start by my husband’s efforts to get me to share my work with the community. I have been making art since childhood, and have never really stopped since then. Times when I wasn’t making art are referred to as the dark ages, and we try to leave those in the past. I had accumulated so much artwork throughout the years, but much of it was unfinished or rotting in binders. The occasional finished piece was praised and hung on the wall, but those were few and far between.

In 2019, we had just moved to Huntington, WV and decided to start properly storing my artwork. This inspired me to get out good pieces and finish them. Once I did that, it felt so good that I couldn’t stop. I felt the creativity flowing and was inspired to create new finished pieces, my confidence growing with each one. It was at that time that I decided (with the encouragement of friends and family) to get out there and share what I had to offer at my first festival. I sold multiple original pieces of my artwork that same day and was touched by what connected people to my pieces. By that time the following year, I was attending more festivals and had sold nearly every original painting I had done that year.

Over the last few years I learned how to recognize myself as an artist. With that confidence, hitting the street and spreading the word became a little easier. Since then, I have made valuable connections in my community and been given so many opportunities to grow and lean into the role of artist.

We launched the website not long after that first year as a way to stay connected with my patrons and keep things organized. While live events are my strongest points of sale, the first order we received on the website had me jumping for joy. We now offer a nice range of prints, posters, shirts, and other merchandise through the site. I have clear intentions for the support I continue to receive. Through the sales of my art, I will clear space on my wall for new work, harbor deep connections with fans of the arts, and reinvest in my career.


I am a yoga teacher and independent artist operating out of Huntington, WV. I have been working with a variety of mixed media to create paintings and illustrations for over 20 years, and attending festivals and events with my artwork for the last 5 years.

My creative subjects include anatomy, nature, insects, mental health and yoga; as well as science fiction, characters, and scenery. I work a lot with colored pencils and acrylic paints. Some styles I like to experiment with are ink drip, grunge, mixed media, poster and comic book styles, and geometric structures.
My roots are in illustration and comic book style art. I grew up watching X-men, Spider-man, and Batman on Saturday morning with my Dad and continued collecting comic books and science fiction throughout my teenage years.

As a young adult, I was attracted to nature poetry and embracing the darker side of things as a means of balance and respect. I had always been intrigued by the darker side, but hadn’t learned to embrace those parts of myself until I began studying and teaching yoga.
Since then, my art has taken new forms; everything from deep space odysseys to the honesty of nature. I like to present subjects in a way that takes something familiar and shows it to you in a strange light. This for me is an outlet for my struggles with mental health, particularly Bipolar Disorder. Art has helped me develop and shine full brilliance through all facets of myself. I strive to sharpen that skill throughout my career as an artist.

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