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Welcome to Mountain Oak Candle Company, a small local business owned and operated by Jeff and Shawna Cuppett in Bridgeport, WV where we create, handcraft and test each soy candle in our home. We utilize Natural Soy (supports American Agriculture), Premium Fragrance Oils and pride ourselves on a product that stands out from the rest in its field. MOCC is well known for its premium natural soy candles and when you see our unique label, you know you are purchasing a premium product.
Our products are created through extensive study of the characteristics of soybean wax and the many varying levels of the refinery process. Prior to utilizing each fragrance, it is put through extensive testing to ensure the compatibility with the soybean wax to maintain premium performance. The end result is the creation of the ultimate formula with premium performance combining the use of soybean wax flakes and cotton wicks. It’s great fun in making our candles, creating the color of each scent and choosing names. The soy wax burns clean with virtually no soot with proper wick maintenance. Once you have burned your candle in its entirety you can remove the label and wick, wash the jar with soap and water and reuse.


I am Jeff Cuppett, creator and artist. I decided to learn the art of soy candle making as a side job after watching a show where candle making was shown. I realized candles “are everywhere”, but I wanted to create a candle that was unique so I researched alternative waxes and found soy. My education from FFA during high school assisted me when I began farming and I was able to learn about soy bean plants. The thrill for me is being able to utilize an American grown plant to create a marketable product that is environmentally friendly. With every candle my wife and I make, we are supporting American Farmers.

I am Shawna Cuppett, and I have always enjoyed candles. I met my husband Jeff Cuppett in 2011 and he taught me the art of creating these amazing soy candles and tarts. Learning to create these amazing candles was hard because soy is not easy to work with, but I feel such pride with each candle and event we prepare for.

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