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I feel stories can be told without using a single word. People see things that speak to them through emotions. Your eyes see what the heart feels. That’s how I look at the world through the viewfinder of my camera. Everything has something special to say and that message is different depending on who is looking. I love the adventure of new places and exploring the unknowns around every corner. I travel alone and push the limits or sometimes risk more than I should. I go where my heart pulls me in that moment. That sort of passion has since pulled me into many types of photography opportunities and portraits have become something special that is shared. There is so much to see in another persons eyes and that captured moment becomes more than a picture. There is always so much to learn and improve upon but none of it will create the shot as much as having chemistry with your subject. When they become comfortable and confident around the camera you can finally see a deepness in their eyes that’s authentic..


What started as a hobby with photography has become a passion. I travel a lot working in the coal mines and I always loved seeing new place and exploring the roads less traveled or the places long forgotten. I started taking a camera with me on my travels so I could share some of the places along the way. I noticed early on that photography seemed to change how I looked at everything. I seen things deeper and became attached to the moments I captured. These snapshots became stories for me to keep. This new passion broadened into taking portraits and shooting events. I love the art of photography and it has become a big part of who I am. This adventure is just getting started.

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