Jeremiah Benson

Raleigh County


B.F.A. Visual Arts - Sculpture (Marshall University)


My animal sculptures serve to express my understanding of the rhythms that exist in nature. Everything in the world is connected; it is a fragile ecosystem where without one of its members it could fail. Each animal I have made has taught me something about nature. My aesthetic choices were lightly influenced by Egyptian, Native American, and Prehistoric animal carvings. My work in the studio is a constant struggle trying to make my carvings look realistic. I choose materials I am comfortable with, and have found a passion for working in stone ever since taking my first geology course. My first three-dimensional piece was made out of wood, and since day one I have found that carving is my preferred method of expression. Every time I make a mark on the material it shows. Sometimes those marks are inspired by natural elements of the material like a knot in the wood or a joint in the stone. Just like man has made his mark on nature; being a sculptor makes me a mark maker. I have to be hyper-aware of how I mark my materials because it could be irreversible, a concept which is directly associated with how humans should view nature and the ecosystems we affect.

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” Leonardo da Vinci


I am a stone and wood carver based out of Beckley, WV. I received my BFA in sculpture from Marshall University in Huntington, five minutes down the road from where I grew up. After college I moved to Pittsburgh for work and quickly realized that there’s no place in this world like West Virginia. Now I am back in WV; for good it seems. I began my art career with furniture making and custom design for two different companies. Now, I have focused more of my time on my own work. I have shown work in exhibitions and shows between Huntington, WV and Pittsburgh, PA.

Other Creative Skills

Drawing, Installation Art Design & Production, Metalworking, Printmaking, Public Art Design & Production, Sculpting, Woodworking

Jeremiah Benson's Work

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