Jessica LeMere

Morgan County



The details of life are the inspiration for my artwork. The sound of music took on a completely new meaning when witnessed live for the first time. I wanted to illustrate that feeling. The color of my son’s rosy cheeks after coming in from the cold made me want to paint that luscious blushing color into my morning sky. The glow of a leaf when hit by the day’s first light entices me to capture that glow of green with my palette. Life’s details can be a lasting fixture or as fleeting as the flower that blooms for one day and then fades away until the season comes again. Colors, feelings, textures, tastes, smells, and sound inspired by life are what drive my need to create art.
I paint on wood, using a layering process of pyrography, watercolors, and colored pencils. This layering process allows me to work on wood without hiding the natural beauty of the grains, which are an added gift to each of my pieces. Sometimes I choose the wood for a particular project and sometimes the wood chooses me and tells me what it wants. Sounds silly, yes, but just ask Geppetto (Pinocchio); he would understand.


I am an artist, a mother, and a wife and that is my life. I live in the historic town of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, with my husband and my two sons. I described myself as an artist first because I knew at the age of 6 that I wanted to be an artist. Back in the 70’s, I sat in my grandmother’s kitchen in Texas, and I drew a turtle from a picture that was apart of a magazine art contest. My grandmother gave praise to the likeness of my drawing. Her praise made a lasting impression on me. From that day on, I knew art was my passion.
My skills are self-taught from books and my own failures. I am an active member of the Morgan County Arts Council, a member of the MAC Ice House Artists Co-op, the Berkeley County Arts Council, and a past member of the Berkeley Art Works Artists Co-op. I have had work accepted into the 8th Annual Art and Earth Exhibition at the Berkeley Art Works Gallery, juried by Daniel Fulco.

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Other Creative Skills

Ceramics and Pottery, Drawing, Leather Crafting, Painting, Photography, Sculpting, Woodworking

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