Jonathon Nolan Johnson

Putnam County

Garnet Career Center in Charleston, WV Master Certificate in Information Management & Microsoft Office Application Specialist Former student at Bridge Valley CTC for Website Design.


About Jonathon Nolan Johnson

Creating music for the whole world to enjoy! I create music that is experimental and I often times combine genres. My first album is Country Pop and Rap combines into one experimental sound. It is the formula of stringed instrumentations from Country Music, the repetitive popish vibes and choruses of Pop music, and the beat and percussions of rap music. I create my music with other producers, who play a hand at influencing culture into my music. I did research on my genre of music I invented called “Country Pop Rap Music” and in fact Country Pop Rap was what inspired Appalachian music before it’s time. With African stringed instruments, Pop/Rock music from the UK, and Americanized lyrics found in Appalachian music often called “sing-rapping” or bluegrass music.


I started my career with the Tamarack Foundation of the Arts of West Virginia when I was hand selected as a handmade artisan with Amazon as a candle maker. I later began to pursue music again in my life. For the past two years I have been working on writing and producing an album, along with collaborating with a few online friends to help me along the way. I am starting to see results with my project, and cannot wait to share my music with the world! I am releasing my album called “Country Pop Rap Music 2.0” on Friday 01/06/2023

[email protected]

Other Creative Skills

Design Arts: Web Design
Design Arts: Graphic Design

Jonathon Nolan Johnson's Work

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