Julia Springer

Jefferson County



Light energizes me – it always has! For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to light, whether it is the green light of an impending storm, the golden hues of a sunset, or the interplay of light and shadow caused by reflected light. I love to see the light bouncing off the ripples of a rushing stream, or reflecting off a window into a gloomy alleyway between densely packed buildings in a city. My convergent media work is not only inspired by light, but truly captures the energy of light:

First, my starting image is “drawn with light” through the medium of photography.

I then digitally process the images in my “light room” using multiple software programs. I will create multiple versions of the imagery – different exposures, versions that I have painted using digital brushes, digital sketches – and blend these together, to create my vision of the scene.

Typically I also add in some pure light from other photographs, to emphasize the luminosity within the picture, and I emphasize the lines at the focal point, to give an embossed effect. I will often apply a texture to the whole scene too; this adds a slightly 3D effect to the final print.

In 2016, I invested in new technology, allowing me to decorate metal, ceramic, textile, and other substrates using a permanent technique referred to as dye sublimation. Items decorated in this way will not scratch or fade under normal usage, and are produced in my home studio in Shepherdstown, WV.


I am a convergent media artist. I manipulate my own digital photography, and clients’ photography, to design and create mindful home decor products and wall art for big-hearted people! I am a citizen of the world; born in the UK, lived in England, Scotland, Kenya, Portugal, and now Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I am self-taught, with the aid of online courses and books. What started as a hobby, has blossomed into a small business that helps me to make regular donations to Parkinson’s disease research, and will provide supplemental income to allow me to stay home with my Parkinson’s-afflicted husband.

Other Creative Skills

Graphic Design, Photography, Textile Design & Artistry

Julia Springer's Work

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