keeley steele

Kanawha County

Mixed Media & Collage

MFA, University of Kentucky with concentration in painting


About keeley steele

I find well crafted, but discarded, elements to create wall sculptures that are contemporary, but nostalgic. I enjoy the simplicity of form. My pieces are typically a celebration of simplicity, whereby you can see and appreciate each element. I love to work on a series, so I’m always looking for multiples of the same item/object to incorporate into my story. I collect titles for future pieces, and use them as jumping off points when starting new work. I also work on large scale, acrylic paintings, which tend to have a more pop-art, kitsch feel…lots of color, words and forms. I can be a bit manic about repetition, it is like therapy.


I am an artist that concentrates on wall sculptures made by manipulating found objects, and a painter. I’m a native WV’ian, with an MFA from the University of Kentucky. For the last 15 years I have been busy operating our family owned restaurants. We are now down to one small bakery/coffee shop, and I’ve been afforded the time to get back in the studio. I am currently creating work, and also working towards opening a gallery/WV made retail space. I’ve been absent from the “show” circuit for a while, but have been in many WV Juried exhibitions, and participated in group shows in Kentucky and WV since my return to WV in 1999.

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