Kelsie Tyson

Greenbrier County


MFA in Ceramics and Glass, (Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University)BFA Studio Art, Emphasis in Ceramics (Marshall University)


About Kelsie Tyson

My work is for anyone who has ever had to rationalize whether or not they deserve to eat. Many times in my life I have denied myself food for fear of my own fatness-other times I was just too broke to afford food.

I have chosen to no longer live in fear of my belly, but in admiration; and I have found that the most fearless thing a fat woman can do is eat.

I choose to elevate fatness in the effort to inspire others to celebrate, feel, feed and take care of themselves.


I am a multimedia artist focusing on body liberation, sexuality, and vulnerability in the grips of growing up poor in rural appalachia.

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