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My paintings and photographs are expressive and nostalgic in terms of displaying my love for the countryside. When people look at my work, I want them to feel as if the animal in my paintings are in front of them, or as if they are right there beside the subjects in my photographs. I want people to feel admiration, inspiration, and love for nature and animals. Animals and nature are a passion of mine, and I want people to feel the same way when they see my paintings and photographs.

KerBear Art & Photography Studio was founded in 2021 as a way for me to share my creations.


I am a painter and photographer originally from the Lucasville/Portsmouth areas of Ohio. I am now a resident of Huntington, West Virginia. I was raised in the countryside, and found a passion for animals at a very young age, and started drawing as a young child. My art has always revolved around nature and animals. My art is a way for me to express my admiration and love for nature and the creatures that reside within it.

I am a self-taught artists with only having taken art classes in highschool. I received an award in highschool, where a piece of my artwork was selected to be displayed at the Portsmouth Public Library. The desire to share my appreciation and admiration of nature and animals is what encouraged me to create a Facebook presence, where people can purchase my art if they like.

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