Kevin Stitzinger

Pocahontas County



I use processes that bring forth textures, colors, shadows and grains to create three dimensional sculptures and bas relief carvings. My designs derive from a deep understanding of stone structure and composition gained from a formal education in geology and over a decade of stonework. The initial idea for each piece originates from the features within the selected stone. This can include layering, vein work, mineral composition, or the story of the stone’s formation. My goal is to bringing forth these features to create unique sculptures and functional stone work.

My sculptural forms range across bowl shapes that provide a window into the hidden nature of the rock while preserving the natural edges sculpted and decorated by nature, to elaborate forms, realistic to abstract, and mixed media pieces. Through the latter, I explore the combination of stone and clay.

I use traditional sculpting methods, including hand tools such as hammers and chisels, rasps and files, and sand paper. When necessary I also use hand held electric drills, angle grinders, reciprocating saws, and rotary tools with abrasive edges selected for the particular texture each will impart. When appropriate, pieces are completed with polishing oils and specialized waxes.


I am a stone sculptor living in Green Bank, West Virginia. My artistic passion for sculpture derives from living a life deeply connected to stone. It is a passion that began with extensive collections of “common” road gravel obtained from neighborhood streets and flowerbeds throughout rural Erie County, PA – a nine-year old’s treasure, and saw me through a BS degree in Environmental Science with a specialization in Geology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and a MS in Physical Geography from the University of British Columbia. Throughout this time, I spent countless days living within and atop the strata while caving and mountaineering for both recreation and academic studies. This activity further deepened my appreciation for the internal, compositional beauty of rocks and minerals, the natural forces that form, transport and erode them, and opened up the possibilities of stone as a medium for my artistic expression.

I moved to West Virginia in 2002 to teach environmental education at both The Mountain Institute and Davis and Elkins College and began sculpting stone to create unique gifts and accent pieces. Now a full-time professional endeavor, I have had great success as a stone sculptor at festivals and galleries across West Virginia and into Virginia, as a commissioned stone sculptor for large pieces, and as stone sculpture instructor for Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, WV.

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