Kristen Colebank

Hardy County


About Kristen Colebank

I’m drawn to the edges of our daily lives.

I like to look at and around the corners of buildings, the shapes of trees against the sky, the contrasts between random and orderly shapes, and divisions between sunlight and shadow. Edges suggest boundaries and clear definitions, a visual language of dark and light patterns, but stare at them for a while and you’ll find that many edges are temporary, transitional, and ephemeral.

Most of my paintings are executed in watercolor, which is ideal for exploring edges as organic and spontaneous washes are juxtaposed against careful planning. You can see these competing forces at work in the edges of washes and brushstrokes that have been hemmed in and artfully placed, while magical passages between inspire and surprise.

My work is representational, inspired by the lost and found edges of small towns, rural landscapes, and familiar items. The objects in our lives and the spaces we inhabit often turn out to be as transitory as the edges I’m exploring, so I hope that viewers will linger over the work and realize that what might have been unappreciated can hold intrinsic value and dignity once given space and attention. It’s all a matter of taking time to look.


I’m a native West Virginian from the southwest corner of Preston County, but I’ve lived in Wardensville (Hardy County) for more than two decades. From the time I was a child, I loved art and drawing.

My primary medium is watercolor, and I’ve enjoyed learning from many watercolor masters in workshops, but I also have limited experience with oil, gouache, and linocuts.

I am a Signature Member of the West Virginia Watercolor Society, have won a Merit Award in the West Virginia Juried Biennial Exhibition, have had work accepted in regional and national exhibitions, and have exhibited in group and solo shows around the state and upper Shenandoah Valley.

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