Larry Weese, Jr

Jackson County



WeeseWoodgems was founded in 2012 by West Virginia wood-turner Larry Weese, Jr, maker of fine handcrafted wood bowls, salad bowls, hollow vessels, keepsake lidded boxes, natural edge bowls and vases, and other lathe turned items. We are in the business to make one of a kind pieces that show off the beauty of wood. Each piece is personally handmade (and signed by me) on a wood-turning lathe in my small West Virginia workshop, carefully shaped, finely sanded and finished, then buffed and polished.  For exceptional heirloom quality pieces that will bring the spirit of West Virginia into your home choose WeeseWoodgems. 


I began wood turning as a hobby which eventually became my stress release. The instant gratification was very appealing and before I knew it I was hooked. At first there was a lot to learn for instance, tool control and sharpening. It took a few years to get comfortable and proficient in my craft. I like the term “my craft”, I do not consider it my work, it is my PASSION.
I feel utilizing wood gives me continuity with nature. Wood is an imperfect medium; you will find many of my pieces retain the natural cracks, knots, bark inclusions, and worm holes. These are reminders of the rugged nature, endurance, and resilience of trees. The thoughts of using a living breathing medium and transforming it into a functional bowl or wood art is truly magical.
I am always searching for new ideas and forms, constantly drawn to pleasing lines and shapes, calming and peaceful curves in nature. I look at each block of wood with an open mind. The grain and imperfection determines its form and shape. Though I feel no one can improve on nature’s perfect creation. My craft has developed and evolved over the years, embellishing each piece, thru burning, texturing, milk paint, or inlay. When I finish a piece it fills me with a sense of accomplishment, perhaps that’s what it is really all about.
The simple things in life are often the most important. My turnings speak of my passions, while at the same time allowing the user to recognize the important things in their own lives…

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