Lavana Lemley

Wood County


B. S. Computer Animation (Full Sail University)


My artwork represents my love of the natural world. The connection plants and animals have to each other and the growth, rebirth, and decay that are always present in nature. The delicate transition of one replacing or becoming another is such a beautiful moment and a reoccurring theme in my paintings and sculptures.

A walk in the woods or some time in my garden is where I often find my inspiration.

One winter, I noticed my dried plants laying on the brush pile. The roots and stalks were dried and twisted and completely captivating, especially tomato roots. I started sealing the dried plants and working them into my sculptures. Joining my papermache and clay sculptures with the dried natural elements really reinforced my theme of decay and growth.

My watercolor and acrylic paintings are the splattered, dripping, brighter representations of my sculptures. I use branches to run though the wet paint leaving streaks and silhouettes of the plants being used. My paintings, while using the same theme of growth and decay, have a lighter and more colorful feel.


I am a sculptor and painter who lives in Vienna, West Virginia. I received a B.S. in Computer Animation from Full Sail University in 2012. My artwork predominantly depicts animals in a delicate process of rebirth and decay. My artwork has shown in galleries all throughout Ohio and West Virginia. My sculptures have been featured in The Parkersburg News & Sentinel, The Athens News, and Charleston Gazette.

Other Creative Skills

Animation, Drawing, Graphic Design, Installation Art Design & Production, Painting, Papermaking & Crafting, Printmaking, Public Art Design & Production, Sculpting

Lavana Lemley's Work

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