Leah M Seaman

Barbour County


B.A. Studio Art (Marietta College)


About Leah M Seaman

Artist Statement
In my personal work, I am consistently exploring themes related to power, oppression, liberation, and religion, as I am specifically interested in understanding the intersectionality between faith, oppression, liberation, and personal development and how we can use this understanding to better our society. I believe artists exist not only to bring beauty to this life, but also to give visual voice to the narratives, experiences, thoughts, and truths of their culture. For me, this belief strongly impacts the themes of most of my personal work. Most recently, I have begun to use my skills as a realism painter to explore, critique, deconstruct, and better understand the identities that have been foundational in my life. Through my work, I bring my personal narratives and truths to visual life in the hopes of connecting with others who have had similar experiences or identities to my own. I examine the ways in which my white, female, heteronormative, middle class, Christian identities have shaped how I interact with the world around me. It is my hope that the autobiographical nature and artistic realism of my pieces will not only appeal to my audience visually, but also will encourage them to begin examining their own identities to understand how those parts of themselves have impacted the way that they interact with others. I view my work as a tool that allows me to help facilitate some of the very vulnerable yet important conversations that I believe we must be having if we are to create a more equitable and free society.


I am a painter, muralist, and live event artist, as well as the owner and founder of ArtaBella LLC. In 2020, I competed in and won the Pio Biz Entrepreneurship Competition and soon after established my practice as a professional artist. In 2021, I graduated Marietta College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Studio Art and jumped right into my work as a professional, full time artist. As a muralist, I have partnered with city governments, small businesses, local schools, and non-profits to bring their artistic vision to life. As a live event painter, I have also begun traveling around the United States to work with couples in painting their wedding day on canvas. My commissioned works have given me the chance to paint some truly exciting pieces, including a portrait of the first black woman graduate of my alma mater, a piece that was auctioned off to support the Matthew Shephard Foundation, and an educational landscape painting used to teach West Virginia students about the beauty of their home state. My style is realistic, and I frequently work with oils and acrylics, using a dramatic, chiaroscurist pallet.

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Other Creative Skills

Visual Arts: Mural Painting

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