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Rikkuato is my Instagram handle, it was created as a way for me to brand myself across all social medias and just online in general so everything could be under one name. My branding and art style has been inspired by mid to early 2000’s media and toys, think things such as “Furby” and “Beanie Babies.” With my work I tend to use a lot of round shapes, bright colors, I try to go for a “bubbly” type of look whenever I do any sort of lettering. I basically just really like drawing fun characters with silly expressions!


Hi! My name is Lucas, I’m a 21 year old Illustrator from West Virginia, I have been born and raised in the mountain state my entire life.(I’m also a really nice guy) I have been drawing since I was old enough to remember, there wasn’t a moment a pencil or crayon wasn’t in my hand. My work tends to focus on character based illustrations, think like “Cartoon Network” types of characters! Cartoons I watched growing up was a big contributor to the reason I do art today, I would always watch those shows as a kid and always think that I would love to see one of my characters up on the big screen one day. Aside from going to art class in school, I am a self taught artist. I was accepted into the Cleveland Institute of Art based on portfolio but, I was unable to attend due to the Pandemic starting and finances. I participate a lot in online art communities, I do some moderation and coordination work for some of the groups that I am apart of! I have helped plan live painting shows, participated in drawing prompt games and just in general get to help uplift and motivate other artists, some just starting and some that have been doing it for years professionally! Art has always been my biggest passion, It is something I want to do professionally for the rest of my life and I don’t see myself doing anything else.

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Other Creative Skills

Visual Arts: Graphics (Includes printmaking and book arts, does not include graphic design)

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