Michael A. Sizemore

Mercer County



Mountain Artworks Studio was founded in 1996, when I returned to my West Virginia home after living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 6 years. My fascination with the Anasazi pictographs and petroglyths of the American Southwest is evident in all of my creative works: from small, copper wall hangings to monumental sculptures made of various metals. The linear elements of those ancient designs as well as my love of the organic world are two major themes in all of my art. I conceptualize in dreams, engineer on paper, and produce in the welding shop.


I am a metal sculptor originally from Oak Hill (Fayette County), West Virginia. I am currently living and creating in Athens (Mercer County), where I am so very lucky to have a welding studio large enough to create monumental sculpture. I attended Concord College, studying studio art, but gained most of my sculptural knowledge while working at Dell Weston Studio Foundry in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was at the foundry that I mastered every aspect of the lost wax bronze casting process and was afforded the amazing experience of working with world renowned artists such as: Glenna Goodacre (Vietnam Nurses Memorial), Lincoln Fox (Dream of Flight), Star Liana York (Distant Thunder) and Bob Garcia (Sunset Overlook).

I am inspired by the landscapes that I love so much: the sparse, spare, linear high deserts of Northern New Mexico and the lush, dark, river landscapes of Southern West Virginia.

Other Creative Skills

Ceramics and Pottery, Drawing, Graphic Design, Installation Art Design & Production, Metalworking, Painting, Printmaking, Public Art Design & Production, Sculpting, Woodworking

Michael A. Sizemore's Work

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