Nanette Seligman

Tucker County


M.A. Marshall University, Ceramics, B.A. Marietta College, Art, and Education K-12, N.B.C.T. National Board Certified Teacher Visual Art, Adolescence/Young Adulthood


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About Nanette Seligman

My many years of drawing and watercolor painting are evident in my ceramics work. I feel that drawing/observation are the foundation of all art. I love how my lifetime of working in 2-dimensional art has been incorporated into my pottery, the best of the two worlds combined. My pottery is slightly quirky to emphasize it is hand formed off the wheel. I love it when my images spark a smile from the viewer. My use of patterns is influenced by my love of Henri Matisse’s work.

I make patterned and illustrated pottery. My pottery is a lifetime of expression waiting to get out. I have always watercolor painted and enjoy that. It takes very little equipment to create a painting but a whole lot of practice! Over the past couple of years, I have converted a two-door garage into a ceramic studio in Davis, WV. Slowly I added the necessary equipment. Having a ceramic studio of my own has been a dream. Unlike painting, pottery is only possible with a designated workspace, specialized equipment, and a kiln (or two!) I love working in my pottery studio with its windows and deck overlooking the mountains.


I am a potter and a painter who blends these two disciplines together, sometimes serious, sometimes not. My pottery is a lifetime of expression waiting to get out. I have a ceramic studio in Davis, WV. It is open to the public on weekends and by appointment. I sell at regional art markets, the Davis Farmers and Artisan Market every Friday (that I manage), and through the co-op Artist at Work in Elkins, WV.

I studied art in undergrad and ceramics in graduate school. I spent my creative energy teaching art on all levels, K – college for many decades, and promoting the importance of art education on all grade levels throughout WV. Now it is my turn to solve my own creative problems and enjoy being in my own studio.

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