Nima ShahabShahmir

Greenbrier County



I see photography as a gate or a doorway to millions of possibilities. Capturing a moment in time and admiring the scene has taught me to look around constantly and find that perfect angle with all the beauty it holds. However, an artist’s journey does not simply end here. I believe that every art related field is an ever expanding universe of its own. The inspiration of using a single picture to create an imaginary idea has lead me to explore and create digital media collages, manipulating scenery images using softwares for creation of something unreal which did not exist before. Moreover, for me even the smaller branches of art started from the main root of photography. In fact, it teaches the mind to learn and appreciate our surroundings and as a result, transforms daily life into a beautiful journey.


I am an Iranian-American photographer and I focus on other fields of art such as Digital Media Collaging, Graphic Design, and Videography as well.  Since my childhood, the concept of camera attracted me.  I picked up my very first camera when I was 11 years old, and it helped me to constantly look around and find unique ways to capture scenes, patterns, and faces.  In my opinion, life is an interesting journey and each moment can become a fascinating story to remember.
In 2012, I received 1st and 3rd places in photojournalism during Marshall University’s S.C.O.R.E.S competition.  In 2014 I participated in photography exhibitions at Carnegie Hall and City Hall of Lewisburg during the Lewisburg Literary Festival.  In July 2017, my photography/digital media works were on display at Greenbrier Valley Visitor Center titled “Create and Explore”.  I am very excited to be a member of Tamarack Foundation Creative Network, share my photos with professionals and get to know other artists within the state.

Other Creative Skills

Animation, Graphic Design, Photography, Video

Nima ShahabShahmir's Work

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