Rebecca Recco

Kanawha County


Art Education K-12 (Marshall University)


My husband, Isaac Emrick, and I started Yes And Studios after we realized that our projects overlap most of the time. “Yes, and…” is a practice of improv theater. When two actors are on stage and one does something, the other has to go along with it and add to it. This requires complete trust in your partner and the ability to jump right in, fully committed, to whatever you’re doing together. This also requires you to recognize your partner’s unique talents, and work to balance both voices on stage. Though we are visual artists, not improv actors, we have adapted this concept in our collaborations, artistically and as a married couple. We each have our unique styles, and we assist each other on most projects. One of us will start with an idea, and the other will “yes, and” it, and the idea grows as we talk about it. Conversation leads to art, and our ideas are richer because we each bring our own strengths to the project. We work really well together and on our own, too, depending on what is needed for each project.


I love to paint. I love the physical process of painting; sort of like dancing. I love making large strokes of color and watching how a simple stroke of color can change the look of an image, entirely. I love the way very large paintings become an environment that people interact with. They surround you, and you become part of the artworks simply by being there. I love creating murals with that interaction in mind, whether people drive past them, assist in their creation, sit in front of them, take photos with them, walk around them, walk or bike past them… These interactions fuel my work and inspire its final form.

Other Creative Skills

Drawing, Installation Art Design & Production, Public Art Design & Production

Rebecca Recco's Work

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