Rebecca Williamson

Wood County


B. F. A. Digital Design (American InterContinental University), M.A. International Corporate Media (Marietta College)


I am drawn to light and color. The translucency of watercolors and the technique of layering colors is fascinating. By using glass powders and frit, I found I could recreate that same effect in glass. So now, after much experimentation, I design the kiln glass that is used in my art. Depending on the subject matter, I may use natural objects such as pine needles or flowers to create the patterns in the powders, or I may use my fingers, a stylus, or a paint brush. Using this kiln glass versus using stock glass in my artwork allows me to express my artistic voice.

My artistic vision is driven by the concept of “pieces of the whole.” Everything in life is influenced by experiences, emotions, surroundings, and so much more. These make up the “bits and pieces” of our beings and nature. I try to capture the essence of these “bits and pieces” in the pattern glass and then create the “whole.”


I am a glass artist living in Williamstown, WV and have been an artist all of my life in one form or another. I started working with glass as my medium 20+ years ago in the form of leaded (stained glass). Today, I primarily work in kiln glass; glass that is heated and fused together in a kiln.

I was born and raised in WV. Growing up, our family outings took us to the parks and mountains of West Virginia where I fell in love with nature and the great outdoors. To this day, I retreat to the mountains for renewal, inspiration, and solace. I often hike, bike, camp and kayak in our state’s beautiful countryside.
After working for 30 years in the world of science as a lab assistant, my company downsized, and I retired early. I was much too young to retire. I finally had the chance to make my dreams of creating beautiful works of art my life. So, I grabbed the opportunity.

My adventure with fused glass began with a class taught by famed wild life glass artist Kathleen Sheard. I was introduced to frit and powders in that class and became hooked. Since then I have studied with Roger Thomas who creates wonderful scenes and imagery; Richard La Londe, from whom I learned the art of storytelling in glass; Robin Kittleson, known for her functional fused glass; and recently, Richard Parrish, who is known for his stringer work and mapping. Each artisan has taught me valuable lessons, helping me to find my own voice in the fused glass art world.

So, here I am today. Light and color are my muses. Nature is my inspiration. Expressing happiness and joy is my goal.

Other Creative Skills

Drawing, Glassworking & Forming, Graphic Design, Metalworking, Painting, Video

Rebecca Williamson's Work

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