Samantha Taylor

Cabell County


B.F.A Ceramics (Marshall University)


About Samantha Taylor

Since early on in my career as an artist, I’ve been interested in exploring sexuality, the human body, and personal experiences through ceramics and oil painting. I approach these subjects with a sense of humor and playfulness, but also with a deep respect for the complexities and beauty of the human experience.
I believe that these things are some of the most powerful forces in the world. By using them in my art, I hope to explore the many complexities and contradictions of the human condition. I am interested in exploring how we experience and express our sexuality, how our sexual desires and fantasies are shaped by our cultural and social conditioning, and how they in turn shape our sense of self and our relationships.
My work is both autobiographical and universal, and it seeks to challenge the viewer’s assumptions and preconceptions about sex, gender, and the body. I believe that art should be inclusive, exciting, and challenging. I strive to create art that engages with the viewer on a personal level. I believe that art can be a powerful tool for personal healing and growth, and I hope that my work can provide viewers with a moment of levity, introspection, and connection.


I am a ceramist and painter who is based in Huntington, West Virginia. I am a recent graduate from Marshall University’s School of Art and Design, where I emphasized in ceramics and minored in psychology. I have been running a small business for two years now where I have been selling my art through craft shows, commissions, and various gallery opportunities. I was motivated to start this business and become a full-time artist because I see the community round me in need of art. I live in an area where the local artists have very limited resources and opportunities. The only way I know how to combat that is to become the opportunity and to create the resources for not only me but my fellow artists. Participating in these local events has helped grow my small business and allow me to grow into bigger opportunities. I have done many workshops through the Huntington Museum of Art’s Gropius Master Workshops, along with a residency at Arrowmont, where I attended a workshop instructed by Jamie Bates Sloan.

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