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I am a pyrography artist. I turn the heat up and watch my art come to life as I burn. Pyrography is mostly known as wood burning, however, you can burn so much more than just wood. The warmth of the sepia tones brought to life with pyrography brings me comfort. I also love a great adventure so when I am not creating you can find me hiking, biking, kayaking which all feed my inspiration to create the beautiful things I see in nature. I have been moved through spiritual healing and meditation which inspires my love of mandala art. Above all else my unfailing and unmatched loved of my two young boys is my biggest motivation and inspiration. You will find my love of nature, adventure, mandala, gamer and all things boy in all of my art. I want to share my love of art with the world, make someone smile, bring comfort to others and inspire my children to follow their dreams.


I am a self taught artist. I have worked with many mediums over the years including jewelry making, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, and drawing but it wasn’t until I found the art of pyrography that my heart was set on fire. Don’t get me wrong I love every medium but there is something special about pyrography. The heat from the pen on my fingers, the smell of wood burning, the patience that is required to create something beautiful, the texture under my figure tips when I’ve finished a piece is magical. It soothes my mind and soul, it grounds me. I was born and raised in Raleigh County WV and currently reside in Putnam County. I have wanted to be a full time artist all of my life but it felt so out of reach. I recently found myself completely drained by the regular 9-5 job, I was empty so I decided to walk away from it all to focus on healing and find myself again. Shortly after I decided to change my path I attended a pyrography business summit still a little unsure of what to do with my life and then Rachel Strauss of the Woodburn Corner said something that will stick with me forever, “Have the audacity to try.” So here I am having the audacity to change my path and follow my dreams, setting the example I want my children to follow.

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