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G-ratio Basses was born because, as a bassist, I wanted a specific design. After contacting a few well-known, high-end bass builders with my need, I found they wouldn’t or couldn’t make it, or the price point was well beyond my budget. The evolution, development, and refinement of my first few basses led to a growing interest and demand for what I was making.

Designed to help the bassist speak his or her voice with a personal and custom creation, G-ratio Basses work closely with the client-musician to find wood combinations that will help find that voice. G-ratio uses only the finest hardware and premium electronics. Offering old school craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and a build philosophy of love with the individual bassist in mind, this is the place where your dream bass becomes a reality.


I am a bassist. I am a bassist at heart… have been since my early life. With a few large gaps in playing and performing, my retirement (from a “regular” job) brought a renewed sense and commitment to really learning my musical craft. Little did I know, that would include making finely crafted custom bass guitars.

Mixed into my love of music, over my lifetime, came some extraordinary opportunities to work with, and learn from, a few exceptional woodworking craftsmen. I was a sponge in a deep sea of skill and knowledge.

A few years ago, I heard my friend, Anthony Wellington, speaking about his own bass. Anthony spoke of how his bass had bought all his cars, his meals, his home, and taken him around the world making music. He then said, “I owe it to this instrument to know everything I can about it.” With that, I thought to myself – how much more could I know than to build my own? And so, I set out to build my first bass.

Now, I’m in my own St. Albans shop building custom basses from exotic woods from around the world for people who want their dream bass to become a reality. Some say mine is a gift. I’m truly humbled by those comments. I may have a gift, but for now, I’m happy to continually explore and develop a craft, artistry if you will. My hope is the music that is made brings joy to both those who express it and those who listen.

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