Thomas R. Fletcher

Webster County



Growing up in the isolated mountains of Webster County, WV, I developed an early and endearing love of nature. I developed a desire to share that love and inspire that love in others. I do so, first of all by “seeing,” looking at a scene and mentally constructing an image in my mind—an image that eliminates the clutter, an image that pulls the viewer in—focusing on the beauty of the scene.

Quite often you will see I concentrate heavily on shades of green and blue. This is not by accident. These are the colors of peace and solitude (seldom will one sense coldness in the shades of blue I capture). The solitude of a peaceful place is where I seek to transport the viewer. The greens convey life, self-confidence, harmony and balance; the blues convey solitude, truth, healing, and serenity.


I am from Webster County, West Virginia. I have been selecting “scenes” in the West Virginia landscape, finding and composing the beauty for as long as I can remember. I first picked up a camera in 1979 and realized I could capture those scenes for others to enjoy; knowing that I was born to be a photographer. Today I am a fine art photographer practicing professionally since 1982. My work has won many awards, including, West Virginia Tourism Media Awards Best Print Photography/Layout 2006, Best Print Photography 2003, First Place Best Newspaper Photography 2001, and First Place Best Magazine Photo 2000. My work has been exhibited in Tamarack’s “Best of West Virginia” 2010 and 2013 shows.

Internationally published photographer, a brief list of publications that have featured my work would include: Americas Magazine, Backpacker, BBC Wildlife, Blue Ridge Country, Caribbean Travel & Life, Country Discoveries Magazine, Hallmark, Home & Away, Hooked on the Outdoors, Islands, Midwest Living, National Geographic Traveler, Natural History, Outside, Petersen’s Photographic, Philadelphia Magazine, Sierra Magazine, Town & Country Travel and Travel & Leisure to list a few.

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