Tiffany Clark

Marion County

Mixed Media & Collage


About Tiffany Clark

My artwork inspires me because it’s delicately floral and nature themed. Nature is such an important part of the earth it reminds me to enjoy the little things. I produce different types of multimedia watercolor, drawing, decoupage, painting, jewelry, and photography. Though I’m still figuring out my style I have an idea of where I want to take it. I want to show that art feels like freedom to be yourself. That’s how it felt to me when I was a child and still to this day. Art is freedom to be, express, imagine, and joy to be yourself and that’s what I want to contribute to society.


I am a multimedia artist that loves to do watercolor, drawing, crafting, decoupage, painting, jewelry, and photography. I previously lived in Pine Grove, WV and currently I live in Fairmont, WV. My interest in art began in middle school art class where I learned the basics. The reason my interest in art began was because of my Grandfather he always encouraged me to do art. I’m currently self-taught, though I am going to College this year in August to get my Bachelors in Multidisciplinary Creative Arts for Art Management, Art History, and Art Entrepreneurship at WVU. In 2008 my Junior year of high school I went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for their Summer Art Studio program.

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