Zach Fitchner

Kanawha County


M.F.A., University of Arizona (Studio Art, Printmaking)B.F.A., University of North Florida (Printmaking, Drawing, Painting)


About Zach Fitchner

My creative research explores our understanding of identity, its composition, and the ways in which it is changed and distorted over time. Arguments on the make-up of our identity are well documented, but in general, experience and memory play very important roles. I maintain that who we are is determined by our experiences, and what we remember of them is shaped and distorted by factors such as time, place, duration, and intensity. My prints, drawings, and mixed media works are meant to function in a similar manner, shaping and distorting the composition and narrative over time.

Due to the complex and broad nature of the human experience, my work tends to address a similarly broad number of interrelated themes.


Zach Fitchner is an artist and educator living and working in Charleston, West Virginia where he is currently Associate Professor of Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking at West Virginia State University. His creative research involves prints, drawings, photography and installations and explores themes relating to identity and memory.

Born in Atlanta, Zach split his growing up between Sugar Hill, Georgia and Lakeland, Florida where he spent his time in airports and on planes, playing in creeks, and building forts in wooded areas surrounding the local housing developments. Zach’s work has been exhibited in over seventeen states and six countries, and his prints are included in various public and private collections in the United States, Egypt, Slovakia, and Australia.

M.F.A., University of Arizona (Studio Art, Printmaking)
B.F.A., University of North Florida (Printmaking, Drawing, Painting)

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