Zach Fitchner

Kanawha County


M.F.A., University of Arizona (Studio Art, Printmaking) B.F.A., University of North Florida (Printmaking, Drawing, Painting)


About Zach Fitchner

My artistic exploration navigates the intricate dimensions of human existence, probing the nuanced layers of identity, memory, and the broader spectrum of the human experience. Employing a variety of artistic practices including printmaking, drawing, installation, digital media, and photography, my work aims to examine the complex interplay of experiences and events that shape individual identity.

Central to my recent inquiry is the revival of the historical Mezzotint technique, reminiscent of intaglio printing from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This method, with its ability to conjure images from darkness, serves as a poignant visual metaphor for the interconnectedness of past and present atrocities. Through careful depictions of burning homes against stark, isolated landscapes, my work underscores themes of loss and despair that resonate in today’s socio-political context.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a critical reevaluation of the traditional gallery space and its pertinence to my artistic praxis. This introspection, compounded by the upheavals faced by higher education institutions and the fractious nature of contemporary politics, has imbued my work with a deeper resonance. Drawing inspiration from the vocabulary of artists like Goya, I intend to confront uncomfortable realities and provoke empathy and introspection in my audience.

While my prints eschew direct allusions to specific events, they are crafted to engender contemplation and encourage viewers to contextualize current struggles within broader historical narratives. My objective is to foster dialogue around human vulnerability and the transformative potential of art in navigating the challenges of our rapidly evolving world. Utilizing the elemental qualities of copper, ink, and paper, my work endeavors to illuminate universal experiences of loss, grief, and anguish, inviting viewers to engage with these themes on both a personal and collective level.


Zach Fitchner is an artist and educator based in Charleston, West Virginia, serving as the Associate Professor of Art at West Virginia State University. His creative research explores intersections of printmedia, drawing, photography, and installation, focusing on themes of humanity, spirituality, and the formation of identity.

Zach’s artwork has been showcased in numerous exhibitions across seventeen states and six countries, with his prints finding homes in collections in the United States, Egypt, Slovakia, and Australia.

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