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Michael Sullivan

About Michael Sullivan I'm intrigued by exploring the inner excellence of a subject through a visual medium. Documenting a the performance of singer...

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Debra McClanahan

About Debra McClanahan What motivates and inspires artwork? It’s changing in any given moment, just as human nature compromising thoughts, emotions,...

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Jamie Holland

About Jamie Holland My inspiration comes from several sources, from what I see around me, what projects I want to complete, and what bugs me in the...

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Lisa Alto

About Lisa Alto I have been sharing my love for art with the world through face painting and canvas painting entertainment since 2003. I opened my...

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Hillary Hall

About Hillary Hall Hillary Hall is a 33 year old artist from Belfry, KY. She has also been a full time music educator in the Mingo County School...

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Lynn Browder

About Lynn Browder I grew up wanting to do crafts like so many of my family members, being inspired by their creativity and what they could make....

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Chad Sine / Adrian Larry

About Chad Sine / Adrian Larry Bixby Studios is a group of fine artists who specialize in creating custom art for a wide array of industries....

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Teresa Dean

About Teresa Dean All my life I've seen thing way different then others I always knew I was a little different my kids give me air to breath if it...

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Country Roads Soap Company

About Country Roads Soap Company What motivates my Art/soap making is a lifetime of Psoriasis. I have had skin issues my entire life and needed to...

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Deborah Diane Lester

About Deborah Diane Lester I like to paint real places and things but not in a realistic style. I like to keep it loose and just enough detail to...

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Laura Wilt

About Laura Wilt My artwork is often experimental, unexpected, and clean. I am most happy with what I am making when I am learning something new or...

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