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Leah M Seaman

About Leah M Seaman Artist Statement In my personal work, I am consistently exploring themes related to power, oppression, liberation, and religion,...

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Barb Lavalley Benton

About Barb Lavalley Benton My work depicts human emotion and experience through the heartbreaking or unexpected moments of reality surrounding grief...

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Macy Belcher

About Macy Belcher I strive to make touching and impressive work that commentates on the subtle and not so subtle emotions and profound concepts in...

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Lucas Jarvis

About Lucas Jarvis Rikkuato is my Instagram handle, it was created as a way for me to brand myself across all social medias and just online in...

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Brian Michael Reed

About Brian Michael Reed I am a pictorial anthropologist who creates works of art in a broad range of mediums. The inspirations for many of my works...

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Ned Dougherty

About Ned Dougherty In 2019, I completed my MFA in Playwriting from Augsburg University. My plays have been featured in theatre festivals from...

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Samantha Phillips

About Samantha Phillips I currently produce a variety of wearable art, including Dyed apparel using a specialized Appalachian technique. T-Shirts,...

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Gabi Cooper

About Gabi Cooper Most of what I make kinda twirls on and dips in all things Appalachia, grannies, WV industries, every shade of pink, being a woman...

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Lynn Payne

About Lynn Payne I have always had a passion to create and as I grow older, I realize how much it nurtures me. Time flies when I'm working on a...

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Devin Workman

About Devin Workman My passion for art started as soon as I could hold a pencil, or a tube of my mother's lipstick, OR a permanent marker that...

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Timothy G. Huguenin

About Timothy G. Huguenin My work is inspired greatly by West Virginia's natural beauty as well as its people. I have been strongly influenced by...

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Michelle ‘Meish’ Claus

About Michelle 'Meish' Claus Made by Meish was founded in 2020 when I decided to turn my art into greeting cards for the holiday season, with my...

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