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Mallory McKendry

About Mallory McKendry The Hot Mamas are an all-female singer-songwriter collective that is rapidly gaining interest around the Shenandoah Valley....

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Chrissy Zeltner

About Chrissy Zeltner My motto in life is that you're not having fun unless you're covered in dirt or river water. My partner in life is amused by...

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Cassie King

About Cassie King I like to do artwork to empower people! I’ve done pieces on womens periods to help women feel less embarrassed about their period....

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Beth Keener-Flanery

About Beth Keener-Flanery Art is bigger than life on a wall. My work is the result of that sentiment. This allows me to interpret my work across...

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Katherine Spencer

About Katherine Spencer Spencer and Kuehn Fine Jewelry Studio was founded in 2018 as a partnership between Katherine Spencer and John Kuehn. John...

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Carrie Scharf

About Carrie Scharf I make all-natural herbal infused skincare such as lip balm and moisturizers. I do not use preservatives so I make everything...

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James Jarrett

About James Jarrett Woodworking is part-time hobby. Biography I am a woodworker. I carve the following: (1) walking sticks (Native American Indians,...

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C. Michelle Alford

About C. Michelle Alford Michelle's Geekery LLC is my creative business, currently focused on my digital arts and primarily working with a print on...

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Diane Carole Parker

About Diane Carole Parker Our business is commercial signs & graphics, but my passion is fine arts. Since my retirement last year (from my day...

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Hannah Lenhart

About Hannah Lenhart My focus through my work is to help make life’s little rituals a little more special. From a morning cup of coffee to setting...

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Christie Saunders

About Christie Saunders The beauty around me inspires me to paint. I am often thankful for simply things, like the gift of sight. I realize that...

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Chelle J. Adams

About Chelle J. Adams I design and construct hand-made items by knitting and crocheting natural and acrylic fibers. I am expert level in the...

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