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Joel Dugan

About Joel Dugan By creating imaginative and surrealistic imagery my paintings explore the perception of experiences rather than just reality. My...

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Everett Metz

About Everett Metz My challenge in creating a new piece of art, whether it be oil on canvas, acrylic on slate, chainsaw carving or pen & ink...

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Haylee Reggi

About Haylee Reggi I create elaborate, oil paintings that are emotionally charged and expressive in nature. I often use my own experiences with...

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Paul Stockinger

About Paul Stockinger I'm motivated by artists such as Picasso, Banksy, and Salvador Dali. As an artist, I strive to capture horror, sci-fi, and...

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Silas Endicott

About Silas Endicott A majority of my work focuses on the living and natural world. In my work, I emphasis lesser known animals, plants, and...

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Stephanie Warino

About Stephanie Warino At 310 Soap Company, our methods are traditional and sustainable, and we use materials that have been used in Appalachia for...

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Syd Roseland Snodgrass

About Syd Roseland Snodgrass I don’t really know what to say here. I do illustrations for children’s books because I want to make content that my...

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Melinda Perron

About Melinda Perron My cross stitch works explore the feminine experience of neurodivergence, fatness, and motherhood in American culture. I enjoy...

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Marly Hazen Ynigues

About Marly Hazen Ynigues I'm West Virginia's pun poet! "Kanawha" get to know you? I've written a yet-to-be published book of colorful wordplay for...

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Joe and Diane Landy

About Joe and Diane Landy I enjoy creating in many forms, have delved into watercolors, sculpture, writing, graphic arts. I am motivated by the...

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Kylie Proudfoot-Payne

About Kylie Proudfoot-Payne Exploring the balance between the light and shadow in the natural environment has been my focus for the past twenty...

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Liuqing Ruth Yang

About Liuqing Ruth Yang Liuqing Ruth Yang, Painter BFA Candidate West Virginia University Artist Statement I am a portrait painter in oils. Valuing...

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