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Emily Wall

About Emily Wall I create because I want to bring color to the world! I typically don't get to apply a ton of creativity to my "day job" and as such...

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Shai Prince

About Shai Prince My work explores the relationship between hands and character. ‘Piano hands’ was a common term I heard as a child and the journey...

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Peggy Owens

About Peggy Owens As a business, I do as much teaching and educational activities as I do actual art. As a human being, I am where ADHD meets AARP....

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Fierce Sonia

About Fierce Sonia I make my work out of optimism for the future. My narrative work is similar to any story...

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Nichole Westfall

About Nichole Westfall With the ability to work with the world around me, my work ranges from large-scale...

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Kelsie Tyson

About Kelsie Tyson My work is for anyone who has ever had to rationalize whether or not they deserve to eat. Many times in my life I have denied...

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Suzan Ann Morgan

About Suzan Ann Morgan More of a textile artist than a fiber artist, I create my work exclusively from my own hand-dyed and printed fabrics. My...

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Barrie Kaufman

About Barrie Kaufman Barrie Kaufman is a storyteller versed in printmaking , painting and glass.Her work...

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Elizabeth Coffman

About Elizabeth Coffman I started painting as a hobby over 20 years ago. I found acrylic fluid art on You Tube...

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Grant Jacobs

About Grant Jacobs 11:11 Music Productions seeks to network West Virginia based musicians, venues, private and public event coordinators, theatre...

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Randy McDaniel

About Randy McDaniel Creating works in metal is a way for me to express a three-dimensional feeling of motion, life and fun. Creating with the...

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Steven Hughart

About Steven Hughart My work is centered around growing up in an impoverished Appalachia, mostly Southern WV. I am an expressionist and my processes...

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