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Eva Bennett

About Eva Bennett I am a West Virginia-based pottery artist, finding my creative take mostly on things you can eat or drink out of, and decorate...

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Buffy Six

About Buffy Six Studio Six Creative takes WV cryptids and turns them into #SexyBeasts. Who doesn't want to see Braxxie in lingerie? And everyone has...

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Alderson Artisans Gallery

About Alderson Artisans Gallery The Alderson Artisans Gallery is a non-profit artisan cooperative run by Alderson Main Street. We feature...

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Olivia Perdue

About Olivia Perdue In any sort of artistic endeavor that I pursue, I typically focus on lighthearted themes, but they can also be relative to love,...

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Jim Pajarillo

About Jim Pajarillo We are a community based and inspired arts organization with its roots in Mingo County. Our philosophy is to allow the...

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Annette Verna

About Annette Verna Time and nature are the primary inspirations for my work. I am interested in geologic formations and how we are connected to the...

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Lesa Smith

About Lesa Smith I am a West Virginia-based abstract painter who is most recognized for using many layers, natural textures, and a spiritual subject...

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Keri Boehm

About Keri Boehm My paintings and photographs are expressive and nostalgic in terms of displaying my love for the countryside. When people look at...

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Cynthia Casto

About Cynthia Casto Nature and fantasy play a huge part in what inspires me. I will often use many mediums to produce an art piece. My favorite...

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Robert Villamagna

About Robert Villamagna I create mixed-media, assemblage, and metal works, in my West Virginia studio. When not in the studio, I am usually on the...

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Alec Elkins

About Alec Elkins I consider myself more of a fluid artist than anything else, working with resin and acrylics. In recent years I've taken up drying...

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Mariah Majakey

About Mariah Majakey In my ongoing series of oil paintings, I intend to create compositions made up of figures in various states of vulnerability. I...

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