Laura Wilt

Jefferson County

Mixed Media & Collage

Estimated 2025: B.F.A. Painting and Drawing (Shepherd University).


About Laura Wilt

My artwork is often experimental, unexpected, and clean. I am most happy with what I am making when I am learning something new or combining materials and processes where I haven’t seen them together before. My art looks like many different things, from framed and printed digital art, laser engraved and layered experiments, and finished paintings, but my determination and adoration for what I am doing is evident in all the work I make. I feel like I have succeeded when something that I have made feels similar to looking in the mirror. After completion, I will look at what I have made and realize things about myself that I didn’t know before. That is what is most important to me, and I have found it is what many viewers need as well.


I am a painter and illustrator from Jefferson County currently practicing in Shepherdstown, WV. In the past I have considered myself exclusively a painter but in recent years I find myself drawn to illustration and digital art above all else. The technical skill I have built over time has allowed me to transfer my drawings to digital realms in order to further manipulate them, and I then alter them more with laser engraving, printing, layering, and other collage elements. I transitioned from painting to this way of making art naturally through experiments because I become bored with repetitive ways of creating. I always search for new tools, new methods, and unique processes of making art in order to satiate my need to learn and be excited about my practice.At Shepherd University I have been an assistant and monitor for the FASTEnER Lab, offering my help to fellow students that need to use the laser engraver. I have also assisted teaching for Sonya Evanisko’s painting classes and art market classes due to my proficiency with acrylic painting techniques and my ability to set up and advertise for art markets. I currently work for Kay Dartt and assist her and Evanisko in their classes. During my three years of college I have been awarded many scholarships for both academia and the arts, and I have also been published in Sans Merci Magazine and the Shepherdstown Art Magazine. I have exhibited many times in Shepherdstown, most notably at the Phaze 2 Gallery in a juried exhibition by Rhonda Smith where I was awarded best in show and I have also curated my own shows and shows with fellow classmates.

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Other Creative Skills

Media Arts: Technology/Experimental (Includes work created using computer or other digital or experimental media as the primary expressive vehicle.)
Visual Arts: Experimental (Includes conceptual, new media, new approaches)

Laura Wilt's Work

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