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Suzan Ann Morgan

More of a textile artist than a fiber artist, I create my work exclusively from my own hand-dyed and printed fabrics. My current work is focused...

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barrie kaufman

Barrie Kaufman is a storyteller versed in printmaking , painting and glass.Her work focuses on the importance of the environment in West Virginia,...

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Eliot Parker

I would certainly define my writing as not being lyrical. My writing will not match up with the prose of Steinbeck or Faulkner or anyone like that,...

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Jessie McClanahan

N/A Biography Hey Y'all! My name is Jessie McClanahan and it’s nice to meet ya. I’m a ceramics artist from southern West Virginia, and my work...

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Nancy Peyton

My main medium is photography. I enjoy capturing the world around me in its purest forms, including nature photography, candids, and historic...

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Kirsten Lee

“The soul of the space, the space of a soul,” that is my eternal pursuit, whether a landscape, an equestrian portrait, or pinning down the denizens...

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Emily Prentice

Wayward Daughter was founded in 2018 when I began to take on client design work. It's a space where much of my art practice lives; It's my teaching...

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Blake Wheeler

As a painter I want to capture or hold onto childlike imagination through images. My inspirations come from film, video games, music, and nature to...

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Barbie Hillenbrand

Art4Cancer a 501c3 was formed in 2017 in order to help families dealing with cancer and help them with the additional financial burden they face...

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Shane Pierce

My work, whether photographic or video-based, tends to gravitate toward issues of individuality. As a Sociology undergrad at Concord University and...

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Robby Moore

Most of my media is found materials which consist of paper, paint, ink, pencil, thread, and fabric. I mostly use common, often discarded, items to...

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