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Charles (Clay) Parker

About Charles (Clay) Parker I enjoy working with natural materials. I enjoy the process of taking a piece of copper pipe and turning it into...

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Rosemarie Valsoaney

About Rosemarie Valsoaney “My hope is that my art brings an emotional experience to others and fills the world with beauty.” Texture, dimension, and...

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Marjory Moses

About Marjory Moses “Modern. Organic. Metal + Stone." This his is how I describe my business MoondanceArt Jewelry.. I start with quality components:...

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Catherine Devereux

About Catherine Devereux I am a artisan pickle maker. I am originally from Ohio, but my home is in West Virginia. I pride myself on using only...

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Robert Updegrave

About Robert Updegrave Paints On Fire was founded in 2022 out of a need for a personal creative outlet in my retirement. My work is inspired by the...

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Samantha Taylor

About Samantha Taylor Since early on in my career as an artist, I’ve been interested in exploring sexuality, the human body, and personal...

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Sophia Kelley

About Sophia Kelley I enjoy making work that includes the female form and exploring ideas of what it is like to live in the female experience and...

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Jelise Ballon

About Jelise Ballon That's the Point Fiber Arts was launched in January 2023 as an Instagram account to feature my fiber art work without inundating...

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Haley M. Fairchild

About Haley M. Fairchild Art by Haley M. Fairchild was given its start by my husband's efforts to get me to share my work with the community. I have...

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Helen M Meade

About Helen M Meade I am a theatre and opera director with a passion for all things performing arts. I believe the communal experience of live...

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Bernie Wilke

About Bernie Wilke My passion for community art has given me the opportunity to create 95 murals across Pennsylvania and West Virginia. To me, the...

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Zoë Brielle Payne

About Zoë Brielle Payne I am a dancer, choreographer & educator from West Virginia. I create work that empowers others to realize that there is...

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