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Joe and Diane Landy

About Joe and Diane Landy I enjoy creating in many forms, have delved into watercolors, sculpture, writing, graphic arts. I am motivated by the...

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Kylie Proudfoot-Payne

About Kylie Proudfoot-Payne Exploring the balance between the light and shadow in the natural environment has been my focus for the past twenty...

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Liuqing Ruth Yang

About Liuqing Ruth Yang Liuqing Ruth Yang, Painter BFA Candidate West Virginia University Artist Statement I am a portrait painter in oils. Valuing...

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Romey Williamson

About Romey Williamson I firmly believe that it is the responsibility of all artists, regardless of genre or medium, to create work that honestly...

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Riley Barriger

About Riley Barriger As an artist I look to promote and engage with individuals through the art I create. As someone who is part of the LGBTQIA+...

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Casey Murano

About Casey Murano At its essence, I approach art-making as a practice of transformation. My process draws on the wisdom of contemplative traditions...

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Savannah Schroll Guz

About Savannah Schroll Guz I consider my art a kind of world-building effort, whereby I create a miniature universe that is influenced heavily by...

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Susan Hennessy Zorn

About Susan Hennessy Zorn The idea of using elements from the earth, specifically enhanced dirt and transforming it with water and fire amazes me...

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Leah M Seaman

About Leah M Seaman Artist Statement In my personal work, I am consistently exploring themes related to power, oppression, liberation, and religion,...

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Barb Lavalley Benton

About Barb Lavalley Benton My work depicts human emotion and experience through the heartbreaking or unexpected moments of reality surrounding grief...

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Macy Belcher

About Macy Belcher I strive to make touching and impressive work that commentates on the subtle and not so subtle emotions and profound concepts in...

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Lucas Jarvis

About Lucas Jarvis Rikkuato is my Instagram handle, it was created as a way for me to brand myself across all social medias and just online in...

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