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Robert Villamagna

About Robert Villamagna I create mixed-media, assemblage, and metal works, in my West Virginia studio. When not in the studio, I am usually on the...

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Alec Elkins

About Alec Elkins I consider myself more of a fluid artist than anything else, working with resin and acrylics. In recent years I've taken up drying...

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Mariah Majakey

About Mariah Majakey In my ongoing series of oil paintings, I intend to create compositions made up of figures in various states of vulnerability. I...

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Pauline Sturgill

About Pauline Sturgill Old Mountain Fields Fine Arts and Crafts is a family-owned arts and crafts business committed to promoting and selling the...

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Nanette Seligman

About Nanette Seligman My many years of drawing and watercolor painting are evident in my ceramics work. I feel that drawing/observation are the...

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Belinda Armstrong

About Belinda Armstrong I find myself energized by the playfulness of light as it journeys to and through a particular landscape.One might say that...

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Beth Liebig

About Beth Liebig For the first part of my life, I saw all the ugliness the world had to offer. For the second part of my life, I want to give back...

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Jeff Hendrix

About Jeff Hendrix I feel stories can be told without using a single word. People see things that speak to them through emotions. Your eyes see what...

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Monica Leigh

About Monica Leigh My subject matter is nature, whether it is a traditional landscape or a bird and flower painting. I use traditional materials -...

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Matthew Smith

About Matthew Smith Matt Smith Makes is an extension of my personal and professional creative practice that includes fine art painting in acrylic...

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Mallory McKendry

About Mallory McKendry The Hot Mamas are an all-female singer-songwriter collective that is rapidly gaining interest around the Shenandoah Valley....

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Chrissy Zeltner

About Chrissy Zeltner My motto in life is that you're not having fun unless you're covered in dirt or river water. My partner in life is amused by...

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