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Lizzy Karsten

About Lizzy Karsten Karsten Kustoms was created in 2021 it is a unique design studio thats mission is to create any idea into a "kustom" work of art...

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About Hannah I developed an illustrative style which stands out with bold lines, contrasting colors, and imaginative characters. Tapping into my...

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Sadie Chidester

About Sadie Chidester With my artwork, I am experimenting with different surfaces and textures to create insecurities in the skin. This includes...

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Matt Snyder

About Matt Snyder We tell stories with West Virginia wood. Bear Wood Company is a small woodworking business in West Virginia specializing in...

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Griffin Nordstrom

About Griffin Nordstrom My artwork focuses on the ideas of legacy and contrast. I like to consider what we as individuals leave behind, whether in...

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Rachel Garrison

About Rachel Garrison I have not opened my shop yet, but I soon will and plan to sell prints. My art is earth centered art inspired by the unseen. I...

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Robert Shobe

About Robert Shobe As a multi-media artist who uses recycled and upcycled items, I love finding beauty in unexpected places and frequently leverage...

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Mickayla Pence

About Mickayla Pence Mick's Media Jewelry was founded in 2020 when I discovered the art of making mixed media jewelry and wearable art using a...

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Zane Pinson

About Zane Pinson I wanted more ways for art to be accessible in my community. This project repurposes vending machines to sell art created by local...

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Rachel Dennison

About Rachel Dennison In my work, I like to explore the idea of "other". Bending perceptions of flora, fauna, and even humanity in a whimsical yet...

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Shalya Marsh

About Shalya Marsh In my work, I strive to elicit a visual exploration of form and structure. Initial inspections lead to discoveries as the...

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