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Hannah Lenhart

About Hannah Lenhart My focus through my work is to help make life’s little rituals a little more special. From a morning cup of coffee to setting...

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Christie Saunders

About Christie Saunders The beauty around me inspires me to paint. I am often thankful for simply things, like the gift of sight. I realize that...

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Chelle J. Adams

About Chelle J. Adams I design and construct hand-made items by knitting and crocheting natural and acrylic fibers. I am expert level in the...

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River Ellis

About River Ellis My work is a movie scene captured in an audio recording. There are stacks of recording that come together to create repetitions...

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Jonathon Johnson

About Jonathon Johnson I am passionate about making American Music! Creating music, handmade arts and crafts inspires me to develop as a businessman...

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Morgan Barchett

About Morgan Barchett When looking for inspirations I often look towards nature. I enjoy using or improving on patterns found in nature in my...

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Dawn Kushner

About Dawn Kushner My creative work delves into the phycological components of the human condition. When starting a new set of work, I begin with a...

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thomas blevins

About thomas blevins I make acoustic guitar with simple smooth lines and modern touches. My main focus is on the tone of the instrument but...

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Joel Dugan

About Joel Dugan By creating imaginative and surrealistic imagery my paintings explore the perception of experiences rather than just reality. My...

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Everett Metz

About Everett Metz My challenge in creating a new piece of art, whether it be oil on canvas, acrylic on slate, chainsaw carving or pen & ink...

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Haylee Reggi

About Haylee Reggi I create elaborate, oil paintings that are emotionally charged and expressive in nature. I often use my own experiences with...

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Paul Stockinger

About Paul Stockinger I'm motivated by artists such as Picasso, Banksy, and Salvador Dali. As an artist, I strive to capture horror, sci-fi, and...

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