Textile Design & Artistry

Nellie Rose

Born to two prolific textile artists, silk, color, and clothing have always been central to my everyday life of play and personal expression. As the final apprentice to Hiroko Harada, a master of indigo and shibori, I dove deep into the technical skills and specialized techniques of shibori. Dedicated to continuing this tradition and making it relevant to my artistic expression in the present, I explore color relationships and manipulate texture to create wearable pieces of art intended to evolve and come to life with their wearer. In addition to shibori, silk-painting unleashed even more dynamic possibilities in my textile design. My hand-painted raw silk clothing is inspired by the Japanese design concept of “whole-cloth”, designed for organic movement and prompting playfulness in its wearer.


I am a second-generation textile artist raised in Elkins, WV. I currently make my home and studio in the West Virginia mountain community of Thomas. There, I am an artist collaborator in the Lamplight Art Gallery. I specialize in wearable art using shibori, a traditional Japanese dye technique, as well as hand-painting on raw silk. I studied as a Fulbright Scholar at Osaka University of the Arts and apprenticed under Hiroko Harada, a master of all natural indigo and shibori. I am a juried Tamarack artist and a member of the Tamarack Foundation’s Rural to Urban Markets program. Since exploring the wholesale market with the support of the Foundation, I have supplied 29 different stockists around the country including the Baltimore Museum of Art and The National Gallery of art in Washington, D.C.