Annette Verna

Jefferson County


B.S Studio Art (Nazareth College of Rochester), M.A. Art History (The George Washington University)


About Annette Verna

Time and nature are the primary inspirations for my work. I am interested in geologic formations and how we are connected to the land. Not the big scenery, but the details: cracks, crevices and layers of rock; scars and imperfections; crumbling and decay. My most recent ceramic work is inspired by traveling through the Appalachian Mountains. The build-up and wearing away of the landscape has happened over millions of years and I think about time and the forces of nature that formed what we see today. We have a long relationship with clay. It is made of earth materials and our early development and survival is intimately linked to it.

My current work is a response to what I find most beautiful in our world. I create modern forms with simple surfaces and use a primitive pit firing technique. I consider my work a combination of fine art and fine craft. I have one foot planted in the world of art and one foot planted in the world of object-making. Pit firing gives me the opportunity to explore and communicate ideas in a way that functional pottery doesn’t. Clay and fire are my partners and we make objects together.


I make wheel-thrown and hand-built clay vessels, which I smoke fire using sawdust and native plants. I was a creative kid – drawing, painting and making things. My first experience with clay was in high school where I learned to hand build and use the potter’s wheel. Following high school, I attended art school in the Adirondack Mountains. This is where I first used the pit fire technique for firing my work. I live in Charles Town, WV and I am originally from Rochester, NY. In addition to my studio practice, I sponsor awards in ceramics for the annual student art exhibition at Nazareth College of Rochester. I enjoy teaching adults and have taught drawing for the Fairfax County Adult and Community Education program and ceramics at a community clay studio in Alexandria,VA. I enjoy curating and jurying art exhibitions and writing about art. For 3 years I managed the art exhibition program for the Berkeley Arts Council in Martinsburg, WV, where I also served on the board of directors.

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