Annette Verna

Jefferson County


B.S Studio Art (Nazareth University), M.A. Art History (The George Washington University)


About Annette Verna

Time and nature are the primary inspirations for my work. I am interested in geologic formations and how we are connected to the land. Not the big scenery, but the details: cracks, crevices and layers of rock; scars and imperfections; crumbling and decay are what I find most beautiful. My most recent work is inspired by traveling through the Appalachian Mountains. The build-up and wearing away of the landscape has happened over millions of years and I think about time and the forces of nature that formed what we see today. Clay is a product of natural forces and the continuous cycle that builds and erodes, which makes it a natural medium for expressing my ideas. I create modern forms with simple surfaces and use a primitive pit firing technique. I make wheel-thrown and hand-built clay vessels, which I smoke fire using sawdust and native plants. Clay and fire are my partners and we make objects together.


I have been working with clay for more than 40 years. I exhibit my work in local, regional and national juried exhibitions and it can also be seen in galleries around the WV/MD/VA region. I attended art school in the Adirondack Mountains and then completed a Bachelor’s degree with concentrations in Ceramics and Art History, and a Master’s degree in Art History. I enjoy helping people discover their enthusiasm for clay. Before moving to West Virginia, I taught ceramics in Northern Virginia. I currently teach for Washington Street Studios in Harper’s Ferry, WV. In addition to my studio practice and teaching, I sponsor a ceramics award for the annual student art exhibition at Nazareth University in Rochester, NY.

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