Jenny Wilson

Monongalia County


Master of Music Degree WVU


My paintings are best described as contemporary landscape or contemporary abstract. Passion for color and texture are what excite me about painting. I am informed by my musical knowledge; gradations of tone color, balance, tension and release, and rhythm all play into how I compose a painting. Painting allows me to stop time, to make choices in slow motion, and to experience the art of composing in a whole new way

I try to incorporate marks that allude to the structure of the piece and that give some architecture to the image. Layering paint is also an important to my process. I will activate the blank canvas with bold strokes that give me a structure to play upon. I often view painting as music unwinding itself and coming to a visual conclusion.


I am a painter and musician. Born in NYC and studied art at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan, then moved to Maine where I studied flute at the University of Southern Maine. I went Switzerland and studied flute and piano with master muscians Art Lande and Marianne Stucki. I lived there for 12 years and then returned to the USA to live in Morgantown, WV. I had intended to return to Maine, but I decided to stay in WV and I am glad I did! My painting studio is in my home and I am able to paint and practise music on a daily basis. My livliehood is art and music, and I am so grateful to Tamarack for the support.

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Other Creative Skills

Drawing, Painting

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