Lisa Harrison

Putnam County



My business started out as Pencils and Pastels by Lisa Harrison, with black and white pencil portraits. The business quickly leaped into painting and I have had my business license for 3 years. I am currently trying to get people to know me as “The Doodlin’ Roo.”

I painted my mom a rooster in 2016.  She had been asking for many years prior, but I was not a “painter.” After that painting, I received request after request to paint others. This all progressed into more commission work for other subjects. Today I tell people, “I paint people, pets, and vehicles… so anything you call baby.”

I own a tent and hold painting events at my client’s location. I hold children art camps in the summer with two available scholarships. I have also been asked to come into elementary schools to hold art events with children. I attend local festivals including: Vandalia Gathering, FestivALL, Foam at the Dome, and a few more. I do face painting at these events.

In addition, I judge art shows in Putnam county at elementary schools and with the Art Outside the Walls children’s show. My Dandelion Field painting won Best of Show in the adult category of Art Outside the Walls in 2018.


I grew up in the Putnam county area of Red House. My husband, three children, and I still live there. I attended PCTC for illustration and graphic design from 1997-2000, where I studied under Instructor, Lynn McNeil.

I am a multi medium artist. I work in acrylic, watercolor, pencils, and pastels.  I create original works on canvas and paper and produce prints of my work.  I also run a Redbubble site for my work to be printed on other products. I hold painting events and art camps. In 2018, I received best of show at the Art Outside the Walls fall show.

Other Creative Skills

Drawing, Painting, Photography

Lisa Harrison's Work

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