Pamela Lake

Webster County


B.A. Art Education (Glenville State College)


My personal style of art varies, depending on the mood I am experiencing each day. Sometimes I feel as if I can’t seem to get the paint to paper fast enough. There are days when I seem to add layer after layer watching the transparent hues in awe. But no matter which mood, my inspiration comes from nature. Winter brings blues and browns with silvery shimmer and spring insires pale green and bright yellow. My Summer pallet is filled with bold reds and violets with brilliant blue skies and of course the autumn here in West Virginia inspires those golden hues and oranges. Since I paint daily, sometimes multiple sessions, I have many landscapes ranging from loose to detailed, lots of florals and loose shiny abstracts created with lovely Daniel Smith and Qor watercolor paints. My goal is to continue learning about watercolor and to challenge myself to grow daily.


I am a retired art teacher who is enjoying creating watercolor paintings, whether still lifes, landscapes or loose florals. My joy comes from the interaction of water and paint. I am originally from Gassaway and now a Webster county resident for over 30 years. I paint every day, as well as crafting with the church youth group and substitute teaching.

Other Creative Skills

Drawing, Jewelry-making, Painting, Papermaking & Crafting

Pamela Lake's Work

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