Melinda Perron

Cabell County

Mixed Media & Collage

B.A. English Literature & Education from Randolph-Macon College


About Melinda Perron

My cross stitch works explore the feminine experience of neurodivergence, fatness, and motherhood in American culture. I enjoy creating cross stitch patterns as I feel connected with the women who came before me. Folk arts like cross stitch, embroidery, or quilting are often looked down upon as “lesser” than “fine art” like painting, drawing, or writing. This has a lot to do with their history as “women’s” art. I put a modern spin on an old craft with my patterns and finished works – I find the use of fabric and thread gives my cross stitch warmth and depth that doesn’t always come from other wall art. My subject matter is generally autobiographical; my work is at its best when I feel a connection to it as opposed to when I’m trying to please other people.


I am a lifelong artist who forgets to practice sometimes.

Currently, I am a full-time mom and a full-time assistant director at a nonprofit, so my work is limited to cross stitch patterns and finished pieces. I am hoping to get back into studio art in the future. My previous work focused on animals and slices of life done in soft/clay pastels. I have also dabbled in creative writing, both fiction and nonfiction.

I have been creating artwork since I was in diapers, and my childhood ambition was always to be “an artist and a mom.”

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Other Creative Skills

Visual Arts: Drawing
Graphic Design

Melinda Perron's Work

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