Monica Mull

Ohio County



My photography is stylistic and heavily imaginative in regard to setting and content. Vibrant colors often play a large part in my photos, as does flamboyant attire and makeup, but above all is light; lighting is what I crave to capture in every photo I produce. My goal for any image that I create is for the photograph to feel like it belongs in a fairy tale storybook, as though moments or characters simply wandered off the pages into a photo. I want to capture feelings with my work, I want people to look at a photo and feel something. I want them to be left wondering about the story behind whatever the person in the photo is doing, to wonder what they’re thinking or what comes next. I want to add beauty to a world that often feels ugly and desperate.


I’m a natural light, creative portrait, fine art, and event photographer from Wheeling, West Virginia. I take photographs of all kinds (primarily people rather than scenery) specializing in a more imaginative and stylistic approach.

My photos have been accepted and displayed several times through the last three years at The Stifel Fine Arts Center in Wheeling, WV, I was commissioned along with other local artists to paint our own original designs on parking meters at Centre Market, Wheeling’s art district, and I’ve done photo manipulation/design for the album artwork of local music talent.

In November of 2016, I started the movement “Young Artists of Wheeling,” which is essentially a tool for artists to connect and meet fellow creatives local to our area via social medias like Facebook and Instagram.

Other Creative Skills

Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, Video

Monica Mull's Work

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