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Kanawha County



My goal in regards to my commissions and website, is to provide truly custom content, and make the ‘difficult to buy for,’a bit easier. Whether it be a humorous cartoon portrait, a comic strip, an invitation, a greeting card, or something completely experimental, it will be cherished more than a generic gift they get every year. I know the appreciation of a thoughtful gift, and I wish to provide others with an option that is highly detailed, personal, unique and memorable.
I can work semi-realistic, but my style often leans toward a more colorful, cartoonish look. I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to adding in unnecessary details, and I particularly enjoy infusing some humor or social commentary in my work when possible. I try to keep several projects brewing, in addition to two independent children’s books I am very slowly working on, I have entered a handful of fairs and really like that experience, the feedback, and also the opportunity to expand. It is very fulfilling to finally be creating, and I am more than ready to keep learning, improving, and challenging myself.


I was born in Charleston, WV. As a young child I often sketched and wrote/illustrated my own comics and stories. Through my teens and basically up until two years ago, I only sketched intermittently, and rarely created anything unless it was upon request from family, friends and co-workers. Aside from two art classes in high school, I have had no formal training.
My wife’s pregnancy, and the birth of my son at the end of 2015 seemingly sparked something inside of me. While I was excitedly and impatiently waiting all those months for my boy to be born, I began creating several pieces to put on his nursery walls.
In late 2016, following that surge of creativity, a long-term gig presented itself, where I have been freelancing for a robotics company based in the New England area. This opportunity is what ultimately set me on this path to remain creatively active. Since then I have drawn over 60 cartoon portraits for their growing number of employees, as well as several other side-projects related to the company. Aside from that, I have primarily been drawing, painting and digitally illustrating a variety of scenes, creatures, animals, and a variety of commissions.
I currently work and reside in St. Albans, West Virginia.

Other Creative Skills

Drawing, Painting

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