Peggy Owens

Pocahontas County


BS Elementary Education, Danis & Elkins CollegeMA Counseling, West Virginia UniversityMS School Administration, Indiana Unversity Purdue University at Indianapolis


About Peggy Owens

As a business, I do as much teaching and educational activities as I do actual art. As a human being, I am where ADHD meets AARP. My tastes are extremely eclectic and all over the map and as an ADHD artist, my art style is is even farther over the map. And the table. And the carpet, on out to the yard. I do art because I love doing it. The product is important but I live the process far more. When people ask about what a piece will look like, I tell them, “I don’t know. It hadn’t told me yet.” The art uses me to express itself. I love making new pieces and live showing others how they can do the same. Art is not an occupation, it is a way of life. I’m not sure if the destination, but the journey has been magical!


I thought I was meant to be the world’s greatest teacher and spent 39 years doing just that. Hen we moved from Indiana to West Bieginia, the only job was Art in a middle school so Zi took that until my beloved first grade came open. But a funny thing happened in that time. I found I LOVED art! Ksndinsky’s circles and Van Gogh’s body parts where another body part should be held me captive. “Nude Descrnding a Staircase” caught my eye and I have had my own “explosion in a shingle factory” more than once, although my explosions have happened in my kiln. The Fauvist colors spoke to me and I believe I was a “wild beast” all along . My husband used to say, “Sometimes you find your calling and sometimes your calling finds you.” That is exactly what happened. I retired AGAIN and built my own studio. I am inspired most by abstracts, bright colors, and random artists both dead and alive, like Dale Chihuly and Didier Lourenco. I’ve been Teacher of the Year for Teacher’s Treasures- co-op of over 300 schools and the Champion Teacher of Pike Township. I’ve also been a Lilly Teacher Creativity Fellow in jewelry making and Appalachian storytelling, a Lilly Teaching Fellow of Art at Indiana State University, a curriculum writer for NEA and a Heifer a international in Honduras, and other things I am too old and senile to remember after 39 years. My glass mosaics are inspired as much by my grandmother’s quilts as Dale Chihuly snd my acrylics have the bright colors of the Fauvist before me. My goal for the rest of my life is to learn as much as possible and make art every single day.

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