Peggy Owens

Pocahontas County


BS Elementary Education, Danis & Elkins CollegeMA Counseling, West Virginia UniversityMS School Administration, Indiana Unversity Purdue University at Indianapolis


About Peggy Owens

As a business, I do as much teaching and educational activities as I do actual art. As a human being, I am where ADHD meets AARP. My tastes are extremely eclectic and all over the map and as an ADHD artist, my art style is is even farther over the map. I do art because I love doing it. The product is important but I live the process far more. When people ask about what a piece will look like, I tell them, “I don’t know. It hadn’t told me yet.” The art uses me to express itself. I love making new pieces and love showing others how they can do the same. Art is not an occupation, it is a way of life. I’m not sure about my destination, but the journey has been magical thus far!


I am the very intersection of ADHD and AARP. I if you are looking for the quiet pastel colors of the Impressionists, keep looking. I am not your artist. I find beauty in the random, the abstract, and the flawed or worn. “Nude Descrnding a Staircase” caught my eye and I have had my own “explosion in a shingle factory” more than once, although my explosions have happened in my kiln. The Fauvist colors spoke to me and I believe I was a “wild beast” all along . I am inspired most by abstracts, bright colors, and random artists both dead and alive, like Dale Chihuly and Didier Lourenco. My glass mosaics are inspired as much by my grandmother’s quilts as Dale Chihuly and my acrylics have the bright colors of the Fauvist before me.
Matisse said that creativity takes courage. Warhol said that art is anything you can get away with. Picasso said that chaos is creativity taking shape. This creative believes they are all right, so I named my studio Chaos Acres Studio and plan to live by their words for the rest of my days!

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